Kitchen Remodel on a Budget!

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Meet the homeowners we dubbed “The Wrecking Crew” at Waverly Rd!  Some of our customer’s are known to get down and dirty and want to be a bit more “hands on.”  These guys were no exception!  Never hurts to save some pennies doing your own demolition and they were ready to go with all their power tools in tow….

IMG_0653To open the space up a bit, we advised the homeowner to remove this really random wall in the room (totally cosmetic), as it served no purpose and really prevented the room’s full potential. That gave them quite a bit more space to work with.  We also suggested that the window (you can see in this picture, but best shown in the “Before” picture below) looking into the client’s laundry room needed to go!  We are not talking about looking out into a beautiful picturesque garden, but actually at their regular old washer and  dryer! Not the client’s ideal view…
IMG_0657To also give this space a more efficient work area and increase the cabinetry storage, we made a few significant floorplan changes. The first change to note is that we closed up a second door in the kitchen. Most likely somewhere along the line,  previous homeowners added a sliding glass door.  That left the other (original) door in the kitchen, right next to these large 8′ sliding glass doors. Very odd and it just didn’t feel right. So we yanked out that door, and replaced it with a beautiful new window. We aren’t looking at that washer and dryer anymore friends!

The other major change we made was moving the sink underneath the new window (where the original door was) and moving the range in its place. We covered that old laundry room window up, and placed the microwave above the range to add even more space on the countertops. Let me tell you with all these changes – they were getting excited.  All their preparation and hard work paid off, so they sat back and relaxed while one of our incredible installers at Picture Perfect Kitchen Designs (PPKD) came in and glammed this space up with our IKS Mocha Shaker Cabinetry!  Here are the “Before” and “After” pictures. Drum-roll please…….










IMG_4354Can you believe it’s the same kitchen!! We were so proud to be a part of this space and for those of you who know us – it was a very special project for us! 😉  We hope you enjoyed taking a sneak peek into their new kitchen and let us know when you are ready for yours:)

Stay tuned for our next post where we will take you on a tour of the finer details and accessories inside this kitchen….