This beachfront condo has been a special place for our family for over 30 years. The time spent vacationing in sweet, warm Florida coming from cold, frigid Michigan is probably what planted the seed of moving down here permanently!! Needless to say, this was a fun project for Team PPKD to embark on. What a treat to take our grandparent’s beloved condo where the kitchen was original (1982) and give it a warm rich update!



Here is the amazing After!


We were able to truly maximize every nook and cranny in this kitchen. By taking advantage of the small wall facing the dining room, we built in a double door upper cabinet with a beautiful crown. This helped make up for lost storage space when we removed all of the upper peninsula cabinets (that were very hard to reach btw!) to bring in the beautiful natural light. Also now grabbing a morning cup of hot coffee is super convenient and keeps open valuable countertop space in the kitchen for main prep.  Notice the beautiful paneled back with faux doors and subtle lower cabinet on the backside? It really completes the space and adds even more storage. We like. No, actually – we LOVE!

IMG_5145Moving right into the heart of the kitchen, new stainless steel appliances brightened everything right up! Not to mention the Franklin Harvest is such a beautiful door. We really wanted to maximize the drawers in the kitchen and what better place to add drawers than right next to the range. Utensils, potholders, dishtowels…. – you name it, it’s got it’s own tidy little drawer!

IMG_5181Great upper cabinetry storage – we did not lose a square inch in this kitchen! 
IMG_5179A kitchen remodel isn’t complete without a good demo picture! 
IMG_0295But the “after” is where the pain stops and smiles do not. 🙂

IMG_1142And a few of the key details…. hardware. Always the jewelry for your kitchen. This was a favorite, the Amerock Atherley Collection Knob.


And of course the granite…. beautiful flowing movement. Just like the nearby ocean and here we chose a stone that sandy beach and gold color tones. What a great countertop to compliment your evening dinner spread after a day at the water. 
A final picture to admire this special kitchen and one that will hold so many new memories too. Enjoy!


We know we needed to get back on the blogging bandwagon, so to start it off right – we have a guest blogger today from!!! Enjoy 🙂  – Team PPKD

Whether your kitchen is cramped or spacious, efficient use of your storage space is the key to an organized kitchen. You probably know about spice racks and knife blocks, so here are a few innovative ideas that you may not have seen to help you make the most of your kitchen space.

pic 1

Via Modernize

When retrieving a particular pan, isn’t it annoying having to sift through a stack of other items because the one you need is inevitably at the bottom? This ingenious idea eliminates that problem, and you don’t even need to remodel your kitchen to achieve it. With the use of vertical sections, almost any cabinet can be transformed into this organized hub.

To achieve this design, permanent fixtures are available that screw into the top and bottom of your cabinet, or you can purchase tension rods that will do the job just as well while giving you the ability to make adjustments as your storage needs change. Along with a host of other items, it is perfect for cookie sheets, muffin tins, cooling racks and cutting boards.


pic 2

Via Modernize

While you may be able to find a ready-made setup at your local hardware store, you can create this design yourself with a wall-mounted paper towel holder and S-hooks. For skillets, pots, cups and more, this storage solution is perfect for items that need to be easily accessible. As shown in the picture, you can store lids on top of the bars to save even more space.

If you don’t have an empty wall large enough to hang pots and pans, you can construct a smaller arrangement to store items like measuring spoons, spatulas, whisks and more. As a fun added bonus, you can create a chalkboard backdrop to label items or write messages, reminders and to-do lists.


pic 3

Via Modernize

In many kitchens, there is at least one cabinet that is not being used to its full potential because it is simply too hard to access. As an easy fix to this problem, slide-out shelves make your cabinet’s contents easier to reach. Fortunately, these shelves come in all shapes and sizes to fit any cabinet style. Also, they are an excellent way to organize pantries and any other areas that you want to optimize.



Via Modernize

You’ve probably seen a corner cabinet, but have you ever heard of a corner drawer? It’s easy to see how such cabinets make excellent use of those awkward spaces in most kitchens, but corner drawers take that efficiency a step further by utilizing vertical space.

Instead of one large cabinet, you can use several drawers to turn once shunned areas into the kitchen’s most valuable assets. If you install drawers with varying depths, you can accommodate large mixing bowls as well as small utensils.

For more design ideas and inspiration, head to

Timeless Coastal White Kitchen

Can we be any more in love with this kitchen! I think not….. we still aren’t able to stop drooling over here, and we saw this transformation from start to finish! Classic painted white cabinetry from Timberland – in Craftsman White.

IMG_7787All photography done by Rosita Luna.

Let’s take it from the top – here is a quick snapshot of one of the original renderings. Can you believe it started from this:

Newriver White Pic 7and ended with this!

IMG_7792and this!

IMG_7809This kitchen has it all, from a family friendly layout that includes an eat-in table right in the heart of the kitchen,  to an amazing wine bar and beverage station. And I guess we shouldn’t forget the basics either….sink, range and refrigerator. Who needs those anyway? 🙂 Oh, and did we mention, the husband hand-crafted this table! Can we say stunning???

So let’s break it down, starting on the end (below). On this side of the kitchen, we have the wine bar and beverage station. Perfect for evening entertaining by night, and a quick access area for cold juice and water for the kids by day. These clients love to entertain, but also have two wonderful young daughters, so it’s a busy household.

A generous number of spacious drawers to hold all the appetizer plates and wine accessories on the ends, and then also a beverage cooler for waters, juices, and cold mixers in the middle. There is plenty of wine storage above, which is beautifully flanked by fully lit glass cabinetry on both sides. The client wanted to add glass shelves and interior cabinetry lighting to display some beautiful pieces and we agree – it was a great choice.


Now we mentioned these clients have two young daughters, so a homework/laptop station was a strong “want” in the list of must-haves. With the help of a fantastic inspiration picture the client’s had, we carved out this cute nook, which also really helped to break up the working centers of the kitchen. Now Mom can sit right in the kitchen, relaxing and browsing the web, while Dad cooks dinner. Yup – we said it! Ooh – and it’s close to the wine. Now what a perfect kitchen….. 😉

IMG_7803Moving right along, here is a quick shot of the undermounted sink that sits nicely centered on the kitchen window. This sink has a great square shape to it that really lends itself to the rest of the clean lines in the kitchen.

IMG_7801Next we have the range area. On the left bottom, a functional Lazy Super Susan and on the right, drawers for cutlery and cooking utensils. On both sides of the over-the-range microwave, there are super-secret pull-out spice cabinets. So super-secret, we can’t show you or we might have to….. just kidding! We actually forgot to take a snapshot of these, so maybe not so super-secret – but incredibly wonderful {especially when we actually have the photographer take a picture to show you}!


Finally, we roam over the other side of the kitchen where you see a spacious 3 foot wide pantry with roll-out trays next to the refrigerator. Ending the run of cabinetry is where the clients make their morning cup o’ joe! Famous Cafe con leche from this casita!

IMG_7807As always, we loved being a part of making this kitchen a special space in the client’s home! Of course it’s “easy peasy” when you have clients with such great taste and we keep getting blessed time after time!

Take a last peek at that stellar wine bar and then where they get to go enjoy their glass after…… Cheers to that!


IMG_7829A special thank you to Rosita Luna for taking these great shots. Hoping one day to improve on our photography skills to give these kitchens justice to their real-life splendor – we appreciated it being in the hands of a pro this time! 



New Layout, New Kitchen!


When given this much space on a blank wall, a kitchen designer barely knows what to do with themselves! It’s like a kid in the candy store – oh the possibilities!! IMG_3731Luckily, this client was open to a number of different options with some amazing ideas herself. With a third set of eyes helping us along ( I will introduce later in the post), here is the start of what we came up with:

IMG_4286Yes, that is the same wall! Is it not gorgeous??

Here is an overview of  the new layout which added so much additional storage and a newly expanded countertop area for the owner to bake her heart out at. 🙂
layout snipWe started this new layout by anchoring the sink under the window with a pretty valance above to connect the two spaces. (A last minute add by the client that really brought such charm!)

IMG_4298We then added lazy susans to the right and left side of the sink, allowing us to turn each corner with the cabinetry giving the kitchen a “U” shape vs. the old “L” shape from before. It also gave the client easy access to those typically hard-to-reach corner units. Cabinetry that did not make the client work hard to have access to her items in the kitchen was a definite must-have on the list. This was one smart customer!

IMG_4298-001We shifted the dishwasher over to the long wall to create a more efficient workspace being that the client was right-handed as well. Then to lighten up the run of rich, warm cabinetry, we added two glass cabinets with frosted glass. We think it looks amazing! The client chose the granite countertop that highlighted the overall look of the kitchen with a natural stone backsplash.

So far, so good but one question still remains……where did that refrigerator disappear to?

image by eagan independent(Image above by eagan independent)

“Phew!” – as the youngest PPKD employee (our five year old!) would say. Thank goodness we had that one in the bag. 🙂  Again – this kitchen turned out just gorgeous!

IMG_4290And just so you can also see the before of the range wall:



Before of sink wall: IMG_3724After: 

IMG_4290Also on this project we have to make a special call out to the mastermind behind the scenes:  Charlie – the client’s adorable cat!

We mentioned above the third set of eyes, and Mr. Charlie was always around to offer his input (and paw print!) during the design phase. Upon execution, he monitored the progress very carefully by darting in and out of the boxes and we think it paid off.  The kitchen looks fabulous and we definitely enjoyed working with both the owner and Charlie. Thank you again!

Stay tuned for next weeks blog post! We will go over the many different options for a layout change.

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rev-a-shelf tray divider image


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Let’s get down and dirty with the details in the Waverly Rd. Kitchen! Any kitchen can look fabulous, but it’s some of these small details that add a special touch and also make the kitchen more efficient.

First take a look at this cabinet on the end of the kitchen:


Looks pretty normal until you open it up and see not just one……..


But two waste-bins!  “Honey, take out that garbage!” Oh wait – never mind.  Because there is another one. BAM – garbage take that!

IMG_4392Now, who’s feeling lazy? Nothing like a little Susan to make your world better. 🙂 Where did that phrase come from exactly anyway?  If I were a Susan, I might just be slightly annoyed. But in this case, I am just happy we were able to fit not just one, but two Lazy Susans in this fabulous kitchen! Yes, please. Lazy maybe, but  jealous – you better believe it!

IMG_4396We added a few misted glass doors for added interest as well. We loved the deep rich wood tones of the Mocha Shaker,  but thought we would break it up a bit with some pretty glass on either side of the range area.

IMG_4397It also adds a nice pop of color, without having to be too neat behind the glass.

IMG_4398Last, let’s roll-out with the pantry! This pantry is mighty fine and boasts three large trays that pull-out to you. It’s all about making the space more efficient and there is no more standing on your head in this kitchen! Just pull those bad boys out and you can see everything you need at your finger tips.


Always remember, when putting lots of thought  into the look of your kitchen – never forget about the functionality of it. These items may seem small, but they really contribute to the overall happiness of the space! They help tuck away things neatly, but easily bring it right back to you with the smart design. The clients couldn’t be happier and that leaves a pleased designer indeed!:)

Stay tuned for next weeks blog post.  We will walk through another one of our projects and its a beauty!


Meet the homeowners we dubbed “The Wrecking Crew” at Waverly Rd!  Some of our customer’s are known to get down and dirty and want to be a bit more “hands on.”  These guys were no exception!  Never hurts to save some pennies doing your own demolition and they were ready to go with all their power tools in tow….

IMG_0653To open the space up a bit, we advised the homeowner to remove this really random wall in the room (totally cosmetic), as it served no purpose and really prevented the room’s full potential. That gave them quite a bit more space to work with.  We also suggested that the window (you can see in this picture, but best shown in the “Before” picture below) looking into the client’s laundry room needed to go!  We are not talking about looking out into a beautiful picturesque garden, but actually at their regular old washer and  dryer! Not the client’s ideal view…
IMG_0657To also give this space a more efficient work area and increase the cabinetry storage, we made a few significant floorplan changes. The first change to note is that we closed up a second door in the kitchen. Most likely somewhere along the line,  previous homeowners added a sliding glass door.  That left the other (original) door in the kitchen, right next to these large 8′ sliding glass doors. Very odd and it just didn’t feel right. So we yanked out that door, and replaced it with a beautiful new window. We aren’t looking at that washer and dryer anymore friends!

The other major change we made was moving the sink underneath the new window (where the original door was) and moving the range in its place. We covered that old laundry room window up, and placed the microwave above the range to add even more space on the countertops. Let me tell you with all these changes – they were getting excited.  All their preparation and hard work paid off, so they sat back and relaxed while one of our incredible installers at Picture Perfect Kitchen Designs (PPKD) came in and glammed this space up with our IKS Mocha Shaker Cabinetry!  Here are the “Before” and “After” pictures. Drum-roll please…….










IMG_4354Can you believe it’s the same kitchen!! We were so proud to be a part of this space and for those of you who know us – it was a very special project for us! 😉  We hope you enjoyed taking a sneak peek into their new kitchen and let us know when you are ready for yours:)

Stay tuned for our next post where we will take you on a tour of the finer details and accessories inside this kitchen….


3-D anyone?


When designing a kitchen or any space, the hardest part is to envision the end result. There are so many finish options, door styles and layouts – it’s almost impossible to feel confident you are making the right decision. Two immediate things that come to my mind to assist in that process are:

#1 – a great designer (of course!) and #2  – amazing 3-D renderings!

At Picture Perfect Kitchen Designs, we utilize software that helps the client to envision that immediately. 20/20 Design Technologies is one of the leading technologies in the kitchen design world and we  have been utilizing it for over 10 years to create dream 3-D renderings. It really allows us to create a similar picture of what your space will look like when it’s complete.

Here you can see a sample of an initial rendering:

Youngblood Kit Color 4This is the space in real life just weeks later:

Youngblood 3

This particular kitchen underwent major layout changes, so this was incredibly helpful to the homeowners in understanding where our vision for their space was headed. When investing your time (and money!) these renderings can be priceless in the pursuit of the perfect kitchen layout.  Don’t settle for anything less than the best!