3-D anyone?

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When designing a kitchen or any space, the hardest part is to envision the end result. There are so many finish options, door styles and layouts – it’s almost impossible to feel confident you are making the right decision. Two immediate things that come to my mind to assist in that process are:

#1 – a great designer (of course!) and #2  – amazing 3-D renderings!

At Picture Perfect Kitchen Designs, we utilize software that helps the client to envision that immediately. 20/20 Design Technologies is one of the leading technologies in the kitchen design world and we  have been utilizing it for over 10 years to create dream 3-D renderings. It really allows us to create a similar picture of what your space will look like when it’s complete.

Here you can see a sample of an initial rendering:

Youngblood Kit Color 4This is the space in real life just weeks later:

Youngblood 3

This particular kitchen underwent major layout changes, so this was incredibly helpful to the homeowners in understanding where our vision for their space was headed. When investing your time (and money!) these renderings can be priceless in the pursuit of the perfect kitchen layout.  Don’t settle for anything less than the best!