What’s Behind Door Number One?!


Let’s get down and dirty with the details in the Waverly Rd. Kitchen! Any kitchen can look fabulous, but it’s some of these small details that add a special touch and also make the kitchen more efficient.

First take a look at this cabinet on the end of the kitchen:


Looks pretty normal until you open it up and see not just one……..


But two waste-bins!  “Honey, take out that garbage!” Oh wait – never mind.  Because there is another one. BAM – garbage take that!

IMG_4392Now, who’s feeling lazy? Nothing like a little Susan to make your world better. :) Where did that phrase come from exactly anyway?  If I were a Susan, I might just be slightly annoyed. But in this case, I am just happy we were able to fit not just one, but two Lazy Susans in this fabulous kitchen! Yes, please. Lazy maybe, but  jealous – you better believe it!

IMG_4396We added a few misted glass doors for added interest as well. We loved the deep rich wood tones of the Mocha Shaker,  but thought we would break it up a bit with some pretty glass on either side of the range area.

IMG_4397It also adds a nice pop of color, without having to be too neat behind the glass.

IMG_4398Last, let’s roll-out with the pantry! This pantry is mighty fine and boasts three large trays that pull-out to you. It’s all about making the space more efficient and there is no more standing on your head in this kitchen! Just pull those bad boys out and you can see everything you need at your finger tips.


Always remember, when putting lots of thought  into the look of your kitchen – never forget about the functionality of it. These items may seem small, but they really contribute to the overall happiness of the space! They help tuck away things neatly, but easily bring it right back to you with the smart design. The clients couldn’t be happier and that leaves a pleased designer indeed!:)

Stay tuned for next weeks blog post.  We will walk through another one of our projects and its a beauty!



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