This beachfront condo has been a special place for our family for over 30 years. The time spent vacationing in sweet, warm Florida coming from cold, frigid Michigan is probably what planted the seed of moving down here permanently!! Needless to say, this was a fun project for Team PPKD to embark on. What a treat to take our grandparent’s beloved condo where the kitchen was original (1982) and give it a warm rich update!



Here is the amazing After!


We were able to truly maximize every nook and cranny in this kitchen. By taking advantage of the small wall facing the dining room, we built in a double door upper cabinet with a beautiful crown. This helped make up for lost storage space when we removed all of the upper peninsula cabinets (that were very hard to reach btw!) to bring in the beautiful natural light. Also now grabbing a morning cup of hot coffee is super convenient and keeps open valuable countertop space in the kitchen for main prep.  Notice the beautiful paneled back with faux doors and subtle lower cabinet on the backside? It really completes the space and adds even more storage. We like. No, actually – we LOVE!

IMG_5145Moving right into the heart of the kitchen, new stainless steel appliances brightened everything right up! Not to mention the Franklin Harvest is such a beautiful door. We really wanted to maximize the drawers in the kitchen and what better place to add drawers than right next to the range. Utensils, potholders, dishtowels…. – you name it, it’s got it’s own tidy little drawer!

IMG_5181Great upper cabinetry storage – we did not lose a square inch in this kitchen! 
IMG_5179A kitchen remodel isn’t complete without a good demo picture! 
IMG_0295But the “after” is where the pain stops and smiles do not. 🙂

IMG_1142And a few of the key details…. hardware. Always the jewelry for your kitchen. This was a favorite, the Amerock Atherley Collection Knob.


And of course the granite…. beautiful flowing movement. Just like the nearby ocean and here we chose a stone that sandy beach and gold color tones. What a great countertop to compliment your evening dinner spread after a day at the water. 
A final picture to admire this special kitchen and one that will hold so many new memories too. Enjoy!


Tuesday, 15 July 2014 / Published in Kitchen Projects done by PPKD, Projects

Can we be any more in love with this kitchen! I think not….. we still aren’t able to stop drooling over here, and we saw this transformation from start to finish! Classic painted white cabinetry from Timberland – in Craftsman White.

IMG_7787All photography done by Rosita Luna.

Let’s take it from the top – here is a quick snapshot of one of the original renderings. Can you believe it started from this:

Newriver White Pic 7and ended with this!

IMG_7792and this!

IMG_7809This kitchen has it all, from a family friendly layout that includes an eat-in table right in the heart of the kitchen,  to an amazing wine bar and beverage station. And I guess we shouldn’t forget the basics either….sink, range and refrigerator. Who needs those anyway? 🙂 Oh, and did we mention, the husband hand-crafted this table! Can we say stunning???

So let’s break it down, starting on the end (below). On this side of the kitchen, we have the wine bar and beverage station. Perfect for evening entertaining by night, and a quick access area for cold juice and water for the kids by day. These clients love to entertain, but also have two wonderful young daughters, so it’s a busy household.

A generous number of spacious drawers to hold all the appetizer plates and wine accessories on the ends, and then also a beverage cooler for waters, juices, and cold mixers in the middle. There is plenty of wine storage above, which is beautifully flanked by fully lit glass cabinetry on both sides. The client wanted to add glass shelves and interior cabinetry lighting to display some beautiful pieces and we agree – it was a great choice.


Now we mentioned these clients have two young daughters, so a homework/laptop station was a strong “want” in the list of must-haves. With the help of a fantastic inspiration picture the client’s had, we carved out this cute nook, which also really helped to break up the working centers of the kitchen. Now Mom can sit right in the kitchen, relaxing and browsing the web, while Dad cooks dinner. Yup – we said it! Ooh – and it’s close to the wine. Now what a perfect kitchen….. 😉

IMG_7803Moving right along, here is a quick shot of the undermounted sink that sits nicely centered on the kitchen window. This sink has a great square shape to it that really lends itself to the rest of the clean lines in the kitchen.

IMG_7801Next we have the range area. On the left bottom, a functional Lazy Super Susan and on the right, drawers for cutlery and cooking utensils. On both sides of the over-the-range microwave, there are super-secret pull-out spice cabinets. So super-secret, we can’t show you or we might have to….. just kidding! We actually forgot to take a snapshot of these, so maybe not so super-secret – but incredibly wonderful {especially when we actually have the photographer take a picture to show you}!


Finally, we roam over the other side of the kitchen where you see a spacious 3 foot wide pantry with roll-out trays next to the refrigerator. Ending the run of cabinetry is where the clients make their morning cup o’ joe! Famous Cafe con leche from this casita!

IMG_7807As always, we loved being a part of making this kitchen a special space in the client’s home! Of course it’s “easy peasy” when you have clients with such great taste and we keep getting blessed time after time!

Take a last peek at that stellar wine bar and then where they get to go enjoy their glass after…… Cheers to that!


IMG_7829A special thank you to Rosita Luna for taking these great shots. Hoping one day to improve on our photography skills to give these kitchens justice to their real-life splendor – we appreciated it being in the hands of a pro this time!