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When given this much space on a blank wall, a kitchen designer barely knows what to do with themselves! It’s like a kid in the candy store – oh the possibilities!! IMG_3731Luckily, this client was open to a number of different options with some amazing ideas herself. With a third set of eyes helping us along ( I will introduce later in the post), here is the start of what we came up with:

IMG_4286Yes, that is the same wall! Is it not gorgeous??

Here is an overview of  the new layout which added so much additional storage and a newly expanded countertop area for the owner to bake her heart out at. 🙂
layout snipWe started this new layout by anchoring the sink under the window with a pretty valance above to connect the two spaces. (A last minute add by the client that really brought such charm!)

IMG_4298We then added lazy susans to the right and left side of the sink, allowing us to turn each corner with the cabinetry giving the kitchen a “U” shape vs. the old “L” shape from before. It also gave the client easy access to those typically hard-to-reach corner units. Cabinetry that did not make the client work hard to have access to her items in the kitchen was a definite must-have on the list. This was one smart customer!

IMG_4298-001We shifted the dishwasher over to the long wall to create a more efficient workspace being that the client was right-handed as well. Then to lighten up the run of rich, warm cabinetry, we added two glass cabinets with frosted glass. We think it looks amazing! The client chose the granite countertop that highlighted the overall look of the kitchen with a natural stone backsplash.

So far, so good but one question still remains……where did that refrigerator disappear to?

image by eagan independent(Image above by eagan independent)

“Phew!” – as the youngest PPKD employee (our five year old!) would say. Thank goodness we had that one in the bag. 🙂  Again – this kitchen turned out just gorgeous!

IMG_4290And just so you can also see the before of the range wall:



Before of sink wall: IMG_3724After: 

IMG_4290Also on this project we have to make a special call out to the mastermind behind the scenes:  Charlie – the client’s adorable cat!

We mentioned above the third set of eyes, and Mr. Charlie was always around to offer his input (and paw print!) during the design phase. Upon execution, he monitored the progress very carefully by darting in and out of the boxes and we think it paid off.  The kitchen looks fabulous and we definitely enjoyed working with both the owner and Charlie. Thank you again!

Stay tuned for next weeks blog post! We will go over the many different options for a layout change.